New album “Going to Hell” out Now!

Welcome “Going to Hell” to the world! The road to this album has felt like that at times. But, through unemployment, ended relationships, financial crisis and Bergen’s constant, endless rain, nothing was stopping Kalfar finishing another record. Let’s face it, there’s bigger, real hardships in the world compared to those faced by lowly Kalfar and we love music too damn much too let the little ones drag us to er…. to hell with the rest of the world.
Deliberately picking songs we had written that are fast hooks and big melodies – this time we brought in Dag Erik Nygaard to produce a frenetically paced, hard hitting and honest sound to the set of songs we managed to get down.
We hope you all enjoy the record and it’s a straight up honour for us to have you listening. Thank you all!

We assure you this is not the end for Kalfar, with the band working hard to get live dates in place and keeping their work towards a longer 2018/19 record 🙂 .


Kalfar had some amazing live shows in May

Kalfar want to thank all the bands and audience for some amazing shows in May!
We could not ask for more. We had a Blast!

We are so pleased to see everyone enjoying our music. This gives us motivation to take this to another level.

Stay tuned for our upcoming album “Going to Hell”, and new announced live shows.